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Urinalysis Instruments

Quidel UrinQuick
Quidel UrinQuick

The UrinQuick® Urine Chemistry Analyzer is a semi-automated benchtop instrument for the rapid analysis of urine test strips. The UrinQuick is designed to analyze and generate results for QuickVue® UrinChek® 10+ SG (Quidel Cat. No. 20104 and 20116) and QuickVue® UrinChek® 8+ (Quidel Cat. No. 20117) urine test strips. The UrinQuick analyzes the urine test strips by reflectance spectrophotometry. Test results are available in conventional, S.I. or qualitative units via display or printed format.

The UrinQuick:

  • reads and interprets to the same sensitivity levels as visual reading, without operator variability
  • processes and analyzes urine strips with a throughput of 360+ samples per hour
  • offers automated urine color determination with up to twelve programmed choices
  • has the ability to correct or compensate for urine discoloration
  • provides the ability to detect between intact red blood cells and hemolyzed occult blood
  • enables the setting of strip insertion rates and incubation rates
  • allows for batch and stat mode processing of patient samples
  • provides a special quality control mode for analyzing and checking accuracy as well as storing for later recall viewing and printing
  • stores up to 2,000 patient chemistry results with recall available through date, time, specimen ID, and patient last name

Urinalysis testing has never been so easy as it is now with UrinQuick’s advanced software capabilities, its PC keyboard, barcode reader, automatic internal calibration, and extremely user-friendly screens that guide laboratory personnel through every aspect of operation.

An unbeatable quality package…Quidel’s UrinQuick Urine Chemistry Analyzer and QuickVue UrinChek Urine Test Strips!